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I’m writing this regarding the journey right back through the United States.

I’m writing this regarding the journey right back through the United States.

It’s been a whirlwind nine days, with gigs in Boston, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, Los Angeles and, concluding the tour, the dazzling Sunset Halloween Boat Party aboard the magnificent bay area Belle.

Halloween is really a big deal in the usa, and nowhere way more than San Fran, and so I guess I happened to be basically at the heart regarding the world because of this one – it really felt like that with 1200 revellers, nearly all in fancy dress outfits, hell bent on getting the time of their lives.

Suffice to state that the American’s get to city whean it comes down to Halloween – it is a evening to rival New Year’s Eve and several will say so it now tops NYE whilst the particular date of the season. Therefore, to employ this wonderful Riverboat and toss such an unforgettable celebration had been one thing of a coup for the Sunset team, with individuals currently bestowing the function classic status. We absolutely felt like I became a right element of one thing extremely unique. It absolutely was a excitement to talk about the occasion with such an up plagiarize tool for this market, plus the term ‘unforgettable experience’ is not mere hyperbole when it comes to this top .

The recording of my set has just gone through to my SoundCloud web web page for install / stream:

Following the motorboat docked I happened to be in for another treat. Anthony Mansfield, my primary guy in San Fran, took us to the 222, that will be found in the adjacent building to the renowned Blackhawk (sadly, now a parking area), the place where a who’s who of Jazz musicians played when you look at the ’50s and ’60s.